We struggled for almost 2 months finding a professional corporate building in Bhubaneswar with all legal compliance. Finally we found Center Point. The building is 100% commercial, oc + fire noc obtained. We are more than happy to be here :-)

Varun Mundukar

Assistant Vice President, Mumbai


It gives me immense pleasure to have continued business relationship with them. We have been here since we started our operations in Odisha way back in 2006. We are very much satisfied with the building. They are very co-operative and committed. I surely reccommend.

Lalit Kedia

Assistant Vice President, Mumbai


Fishing a property for Bank is long and tiresome. We happen to get connected with Narula Realty. Frankly, the kind of commitment exhibited is truly commendable. All our emails & requirements for due-diligence were responded in a jiffy. The execution of the agreement was too a very smooth experience. The building is located very strategically on Janpath, Bhubaneswar with all leading Banks & Financial Instituions are operating the vicinity. We are truly contended with the facility.

Ruma Biswas

Admin - Corporate Real Estate Management, Kolkata


We had issues with our previous office facility viz., water seepage, delay in generating monthly rent, CAM & electrcicity invoices by the Developer. Every month we need to request the Developer to share the invoices on time. We had a tough time hence we wanted to relocate. We happen to come accross Center Point. It was more like a love at first sight for me. On meeting the Developer I was sure this is the property I'm looking for. Without delay we closed the deal and in no time our office was operational.

Bala Vamsi

Zonal Admin Head, Bangalore


After Kolkata office, we finalised Center Point as our new regional office in Odisha. Our movement was very smooth and we can honestly say it was a good decision to go with them. We are really happy with the facility. They resolve our building related any service request promptly. They do a fabulous job. All the very best.

Madhu Mala

Assistant Manager, Chennai


I know them for over 15 years now. We started with a small office here and today we hold close to 40% of the space in the building. We are extremenly satisfied with the facility. Highly recommend.

Palak Dutta

Vice President - Corporate Real Estate Management, Kolkata


Center Point is our second branch in Bhubaneswar. I'm quite satisfied with the facility as well as the up keep of the common area of the building. It's always spick and span. The building manager Henry Feegrade is very courteous and always ready to extend support as and when ask for. The best part is that he reponds immediately at any hour of the day. Truly appreciate his promptness and commitment to his job.

Swapnil Pathare

Deputy Manager Admin, Mumbai


We had occupied an office space in one the commercial building in Bhubaneswar. The monthly electricity bills use to be at par with the monthly rent we use to pay. We bought this to the notice of the building management but they could not substantiate. With no option left we relocated to Center Point. I’m glad and appreciate the transparency in everything transaction they maintain. I highly recommend this building to any one looking for a hassle free operations. We have been operating from this building nice 12 years now.

Joseph George

Vice President, Kochi


When started our Bhubaneswar operations in 2015. We started with a small office and as our business grew in couple of years we opted for a bigger premises at Center Point. The building has been very lucky for us. Moreover, we found them very professional and well organised. To date they have continued being helpful and efficient whenever the need arrises, one of the main reasons I have renewed my contract. Many thanks and continue the good work.

Priyanka Basu

Manager Infrastrcuture & Facility, Mumbai


If you are looking for a office at Bhubaneswar then this is the one I recommend. Blind fold.

Prabeer Paicha

Senior Vice President, Kolkata


I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the high level of professionalism and friendly atmosphere you create within your building office environment. I’m grateful for all your assistance and making everything run smoothly. I’m delighted I choose you guys over the others and assure you of our continued presence.

Jaswinder Chadha

Finance Controller, Delhi


I had been directed by my Company to start Bhubaneswar office at the earliest. I saw many commercial properties and met a few Developers as well. Since time was an essence hence I had a precondition before finalising the office. The fact is that I could not gather confidence till I met Shekhar Narula. He assured that he will be able to handover the premises with desired modifications within a stipiulated time. He showed confidence and I signed the property. He stood by his commitment and handover the property couple of days in advance. I'm glad I took a right decision. I surely recommend them.

Ashish Jain

Senior Manager, Delhi


I have found their service to be always of the highest standard. The account manager Suresh has always been first class – they always want to help and nothing is ever a problem. Thanks a ton.

Pradip Save

Admin Headm Mumbaii