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in the epicentre of bhubaneswar

narulas present

center p@int

located strategically on bhubaneswar’s commercial livewire - janpath. a single sweeping stoke that the center point draws covers all the points on bhubaneswar, important from a professional's view. banks, offices, malls, restaurants, fast food joints, multiplex etc. it surely does present an ideal atmosphere to go down a walk during lunch break or stroll away in the evenings after work hours. there can never be a boring moment on the janpath.


our forefathers established themselves in bhubaneswar post partition in the year 1947. over the years narula's has emerged as a brand capturing major business verticals accross the city. ever since the family has enforced business ethics and established a strong foodhold accorss markets. narula realty is a venture under this brand.

narula realty

corporate leasing

narula fitness first

retail - gym equipments


readymade textiles

narula homes

commercial + residential development

narula kulfi

wholesale + retail

dimples rasoi

catering services

narula sweets

retail - sweet

narula general

wholesale - plywood

narula cloth house







rally for rivers

ban plastic

legacy in class & commitment