center point

work place as it ought to be.

Located strategically on Bhubaneswar's commercial live-wire, Janpath.

A single sweeping stroke that the Center Point draws covers all the points in Bhubaneswar, are important from a professional's view. Corporate offices, Banks, Malls, Restaurants, Multiplex, Malls, etc. It surely does present an atmosphere to go for a walk during lunch break or stroll away in the evenings after work hours. There can never be a boring moment on the Janpath.

advantages galore

awesome location

Located strategically on Bhubaneswar's commercial live-wire Janpath.

legal compliance

Commercial appropval, fire clearance and oc obatined for the building.

huge saving

Capacitor bank installed resulting in saving up to 30% on monthly energy bills.


Ample free and reserved car parking available in front of the building at no extra cost.


Entire building as well as individual office space designed complying vastu.


G4s security & housekeeping Services, plumber and electrician available on call.

legally compliant

title documents

commercial approval letter

commercial sanction plan

occupancy certificate

fire safety certificate

latest land cess & municipal tax receipt

emcumbrance certificate

lift safety certificate

pan + aadhaar of co-owners

gst certificate

latest commercial electricity bill

structural stability report